Charles and Georges Durand Ruel - by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

In this straightforward portrait, Renoir gives us the likenesses of two sons of the famous dealer who early encouraged the Impressionists. There is a certain awkwardness about the composition, a "posed" quality, which is not present in Renoir's more successful works. The painting of the incidentals of the canvas is, however, superb. The lighter garments of the man at the left provide an excellent example of the way Renoir searches out the many variations within a single, general color; and the darker suit, more broadly painted, has a beautiful richness of hue. The foliage behind is freely brushed in, and yet conveys the feeling of profusion and depth. In our collection of plates, which summarizes the career of the artist, this is the last picture painted in Renoir's earlier Impressionist manner.